Green Home Diary is about Rob & Sue Veck’s experiences towards living more sustainably.

Our Goal

Our goal is to reduce an CO2 and Energy consumption by 80%.


The Kyoto agreement is to reduce emissions by 80% in 2050.
Heating accounts for 47% of the UK’s CO2 emissions and 60% of average domestic energy bills

The Heat and Energy Saving Strategy consultation document proposed the following goals :-

2015 – all lofts and cavity walls insulated
2020 – seven million homes to take up a “whole house” package going beyond simple insulation.
2030 – all buildings to have received such a package

How is this to be done ?

Clearly its not easy.  So, the site aims to show the visitor how different approaches and technologies are adopted so that others can do likewise and hopefully learn for our mistakes that will no doubt be made along the way. We also hope that others will contribute their experiences to the greater benefit of other visitors.