Letter 2 to Hampshire County Council – it didn’t answer my question
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Dear Cllr Kendal

Thank you for your response but it did not answer the specific question so let me be more precise:-


HCC refuse to lease HCC owned land to an Energy Suppler that wishes to install large wind turbines on the basis of this new policy.


HCC are committed to meeting Legally Binding CO2 / Energy reduction targets.

Expected Response:

  1. HCC is proactive with finding an alternative solution.
  2. I expect HCC to work with the Energy Supplier to find an alternative solution that meets (or is better than) the cost benefits associated with the energy supplier’s Wind Turbine solution.

As our elected members, I find it unacceptable for you to abdicate responsibility for the legally binding targets – saying NO is not good enough. I suggest if HCC does abdicate responsibility, there could be cause to pursue legal compensation as a result of the potential increase in energy bills. Just to spell this out: I am not prepared to take further increases in my energy bills because HCC have not collaborated with the energy supplier to find alternative solutions. It is simply not good enough to say “not on my back yard”.

Please confirm (simply YES or NO) to the expectation stated above.

Yours sincerely


Rob Veck

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