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DAY ZERO: Our First Day back from Holiday

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

We had a brilliant holiday, and decided to come home a couple of days early: Opened the front door and found this - our sitting room demolished with water. The rest of the house pretty much the same with some rooms we couldn't initially enter because the doors had expanded.

Sitting Room

The first thing you look for is the policy document and renewal - I scan all my correspondance and store it on Evernote so I can access it quickly.

Luckily we had our computer with us and was able to hook up and connect into next door's wifi. So, we turned the Motorhome (which was parked on the drive) into a project office and called the call centre.

"Can you Facetime and show us around the property" says nice man at call centre.

"No - there's no 4G or wifi signal in the house"

Stairs to 1st Floor

We ended up sending pictures.

Meanwhile we did a shout out to our friends and neighbours who came to the rescue and started to clear out BER items onto the drive at the front.

BER? Beyond Economic Repair.

Get used to this acronym.

In parallel, we started to memorise the insurance policy and out popped an exclusion "Not covered if the house is unoccupied for more than 60 days". In all the shock and confusion, we thought we were away for 62 days.

Our first sleepless night.



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